Social platforms and digital media ARE the next traditional media. Time and again, influencer marketing has proven more cost effective and more impactful than its television, radio and print counterparts.Influencers have often times spent YEARS interacting, connecting with, and building trust with their audiences. In addition to being a trusted source of information and entertainment, AMG knows exactly who is watching through our analytics and performance reporting, so we can most effectively match our influencers to advertisers.


Instead of spending $76.38 per thousand impressions on a Super Bowl ad, you can gain the same performance for a fraction of the cost with influencer marketing. When people are traditionally changing the channel, or snagging a quick bathroom break, an influencer can effectively deliver your message through their social media platforms in an authentic way that converts their viewers into your customers.


Aftershock Media Group exclusively represents over 60 of the finest gaming talent in the world, and we'd be happy to hear your goals and match you up with influencers who can shine a light on your product.