Creating a great game is half the battle. An often overlooked aspect of gaming is ensuring that a loyal and engaged community is built. This community and its key influencers that are the fabric and backbone of a healthy and vibrant player base who become initially committed to, and ultimately devoted to a game over the long term.


One of the most impactful ways we have been able to assist game developers is through community event and esports production. AMG has produced dozens of shows for the world's top game developers. From the campaign creative design, to the technical aspects of live and pre-recorded production, and the social marketing of the event, AMG offers an engaging experience that viewers and participants won't soon forget.


Productions can provide a platform for amplifying the impact of your community's key influencers, while making viewers and players feel like part of the experience. AMG can work with your team to brainstorm creative ways to get a buzz going around your game, and execute on marquee events that will leave them wanting more.