Celebration of Mobile Gaming at VidCon - YouTube

YouTube Gaming contacted AMG to assist VidCon in creating a special online event for it’s 2020 show slate. Due to COVID restrictions everything had to be produced and executed remotely, online. Additionally, there was no budget for talent. AMG was able to produce a high quality live show involving most of mobile gaming’s biggest talent from around the world by working with YouTube to involve a charitable element, making it easier to get talent on board at no cost. AMG was able to involve over 6 of the largest mobile games, a diverse group of over 15 large creators, as well as getting developer permission to use IPs. AMG was able to produce and execute a flawless show that had the highest viewership in all of VidCon 2020.

The Mission:

  • Produce a high quality event for VidCon involving mobile gaming
  • Coordinate permissions and IP usage with developers 
  • Involve as many large influencers from as many regions as possible with no budget
  • Produce a run of show that made sense while involving at least 6 mobile titles 
  • Raise money and awareness for COVID charity 
  • Drive viewership to event

What We Did:

  • Leveraged AMG’s relationship with key game developers to to get permission to use game IP
  • Leveraged AMG’s existing creator relationships to recruit talent free of charge
  • Used AMG’s global network to recruit talent from Mexico, Spain, and India 
  • Designed a round robin tournament involving 3 mobile games (Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, PUBG MOBILE) to give the show a flow that was easy to understand
  • Highlighted other popular games (COD Mobile & Mobile Legends Bang Bang) in special segments featuring some of the biggest creators in each title.
  • Drove traffic by asking talent to tweet and share the stream with their viewers