Trovo - Tencent

Tencent was creating a brand new streaming platform and contacted AMG to assist in developing a partner program, recruiting steamers, and facilitating payments to hundreds of streamers. AMG was asked to assist Tencent in appealing to both small and large streamers and work with them to create compelling events to bring more attention to the platform. AMG was able to recruit over 360 streamers to the platform and worked with streamers to run dozens of special events on the platform. This helped establish Trovo as a leader in the mobile gaming event space and a robust platform for new and veteran streamers alike. AMG also contracted over 20 esport organizations to the platform.

The Mission:

  • Drive traffic to the new streaming platform 
  • Recruit streamers on a massive scale 
  • Manage hundreds of creators and assist with technical issues 
  • Provide developer feedback to improve the platform 
  • Create and scale a partner program with several tiers 
  • Create special events and tournaments for the platform

What We Did:

  • Leveraged AMG’s influence to spread awareness and positive messaging around Trovo
  • Developed a robust creator program with incentives for watch time and viewership
  • Hired capable staff to manage nearly 400 creators full time
  • Developed community events that would ensure positive sentiment and high levels of interest 
  • Automated a tracking process to efficiently aggregate streamer data and pay creators 
  • Contracted 22 esports organizations to assist in populating the platform and running events.
  • Developed a refer-a-friend program for exponential streamer growth