Call of Duty Mobile - 1st Anniversary

Activision worked with AMG to create a community celebration for the 1st Anniversary of their Call of Duty Mobile title. As COVID protocols necessitated an online-only execution of this event, AMG procured over 20 prominent influencers and hosting talent to celebrate the occasion.

AMG utilized a social media campaign to amplify the 1st Anniversary event and its many new features – a first ever new map for mobile (Alcatraz), new weapons, and new social experiences. AMG provided a creative solution that was memorable for all participants, and the Call of Duty Mobile community alike.

The Mission:

  • Produce a high quality live event for Activision to celebrate Call of Duty Mobile’s 1st Anniversary
  • Coordinate permissions and IP usage with developers 
  • Secure prominent Call of Duty Mobile influencers from all regions
  • Source reputable and recognizable hosts & casters with experience in the Call of Duty ecosystem
  • Producing a full run of show to incorporate a creative campaign design
  • Drive viewership to event

What We Did:

  • Leveraged AMG’s strong relationships with all mobile content creators to secure top tier talent for the Call of Duty Mobile 1st Anniversary event
  • Used AMG’s host & caster network to recruit desk talent that were experienced in Call of Duty Mobile
  • Designed the creative concept for the 1st Anniversary live event, including tournament format and team selection
  • Designed and executed a social media campaign for influencers to build anticipation and drive traffic to the eventual 1st Anniversary live event
  • Delivered a polished production to the client ahead of schedule for distribution on its social channels