Brawl Stars Showdown Throwdown - Supercell

Supercell’s latest billion dollar game, Brawl Stars, has both team and solo gameplay options. But despite the massive popularity of the solo modes, all competitive content to date has been solely focused on the team modes. This was partially due to the perceived difficulty in creating a compelling competition in what was largely viewed as the “casual” portion of the game. AMG’s production team took the initiative to build an event idea around a brand-new ruleset for Solo Showdown and pitched the concept to Supercell. The end result was a fun and engaging show featuring 20 content creators locked in a tight competition and having a blast in the process.

The Mission:

  • Design a format for the popular “Showdown” mode that is competitive and fun to watch.
  • Present creators in a way that shows off their personalities.
  • Build a “living” visual environment for the show.
  • Create exciting, non-cash prizing.

What We Did:

  • Customized tournament rules that limited the use of characters in a manner that  forced the players to be strategic and creative in when/how they selected different characters for each round.
  • Put the players in a voice chat with their opponents to create an engaging, playful and dynamic environment
  • Designed 3D animated graphics based on static environments from within the game.
  • Designed a one-of-a-kind “championship belt” for the winner.