Battle Breakers Game Launch - Epic Games

Epic Games was launching Battle Breakers – a new mobile title with a sizable marketing budget. AMG was brought into the campaign late in the game to help recruit talent, negotiate rates, and execute contracts. We cancelled our weekend plans to  devise a campaign to spread awareness of the new title, and ensure that the campaign was executed successfully. In addition to surfacing talent to collaborate with Epic, AMG successfully tracked all deliverables, provided robust reporting and analytics, and assisted in coaching creators with an authentic script read for a game they had only just downloaded. AMG was able to coordinate with each creator’s schedule to ensure all deliverables were live on the Sunday for a fast turnaround. Coupled with a social media strategy, the launch campaign resulted in over 100 million impressions which delivered the desired “buzz” around the game launch.

The Mission:

  • Raise awareness for Battle Breakers launch
  • Recruit, negotiate with, and contract over 20 content creators within 48 hours
  • Generate downloads for Battle Breakers 
  • Coordinate with creators to ensure timely delivery

What We Did:

  • Leveraged AMG’s large network of both exclusive and non-exclusive creators
  • AMG’s campaign management team worked around the clock to ensure aggressive time tables were met
  • Identified creators who would be able to adapt to a quick turn-around and deliver an authentic product that would resonate with their viewers.
  • Downloaded and played the game to avoid wasting time asking the client unnecessary questions on a tight turn around.
  • Staff was “on call” all day and evening Sunday to coordinate campaign deliverables with creators.
  • Identified creators whose audience would have the most overlap with potential Battle Breakers players based on demographics and genre.