Game On - Amazon

Amazon wanted to create a brand new video platform. They weren’t sure what they wanted their product to be. Who would be their users? Who would be their creators? AMG provided campaign design, creative direction, and influencer marketing services to assist Amazon in standing up their new platform. AMG developed a partner program involving over 20 creators that included tailored influencer content in addition to major community events and production. By identifying the most popular games with thriving communities in mobile gaming and the creators who represented them with the most authenticity and reach. Over 3 months AMG was able to grow their platform from 100 to over 10,000 daily active users. 

The Mission:

  • Help Amazon define what GameOn would be
  • Assist Amazon in developing new editing tools
  • Identify games that would work well on the app
  • Develop a partner program 
  • Drive traffic and installs 
  • Raise community awareness to GameOn
  • Connect GameOn with key developer relationships 

What We Did:

  • Provide routine consulting services to the GameOn community and development team, offering guidance & suggestions based on experience in mobile gaming.
  • Contact game developers on behalf of GameOn, utilizing our deep network and relationships 
  • Educate creators on the GameOn platform and coach them on making short form content 
  • Creator a robust partner program with set monthly deliverables 
  • Track all data 
  • Provide weekly touchpoints to the GameOn team, solving problems before they arise.