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Founded for influencers, by influencers with over 25 years of combined experience in digital media. AMG is keenly aware of how to create effective marketing campaigns for brands.

Influencer Marketing

Creative brand activations employing top-tier talent, crafted by a team who truly understands what brands are seeking.

Talent Management

Understanding talent needs and desires through our roots as influencers, AMG has worked with hundreds of influencers to create many impactful marketing campaigns.


We work with you, Not for you

Influencer Marketing
Talent Representation
Campaign Management
Developer Advertising
Esports Partnerships
Strategy & Consultation


Who Is AMG?

Aftershock Media Group

Aftershock Media Group is a collection of talented executives and creators with vast experience building successful marketing campaigns for brands.Founded by accomplished digital marketing stars, AMG has built a creator network that is second to none. We can source your desired talent, or provide our own exclusive roster of digital stars to best execute on any campaign.Paying extremely close attention to the pulse of the internet is incredibly important when determining your brand’s messaging or approach to a particular marketing campaign. AMG is very adept at crafting unique and effective messaging that will help ensure your brand is executing against its goals.Whether specific talent needs to be sourced for an existing marketing campaign, or your company just “knows it should be exploring influencer marketing”, Aftershock Media Group can walk you through every step of the process in a way that is effective on impact, and your budget.

Our Mission.​

We’ve met some of the best talent on the organizational and executive side that has helped provide the opportunity to form an incredible business that allows us to do what we love, all while providing a better and more transparent service to our creators, and building more effective and impactful campaigns for our clients.Once we realized that we had all of the ingredients to a successful marketing and talent agency already at our fingertips, we knew that it was time to get to work. In 2019, we launched Aftershock Media Group and ever since, we have run millions of dollars in impactful marketing campaigns for many amazing companies while ensuring that our represented talent have been treated fairly and with great respect.

Meet Our Team

Lance Frisbee

Lance Frisbee


Tim Evans

Tim Evans


Aftershock Media Group’s founders have spent more than 5 years growing a combined social media following of over 4 million, and in the process made loads of friends. These friends include some of the most influential and talented content creators in the world. They include publishers and developers of the world’s most fun and successful games. They include a ton of brand relationships with companies that see the inevitable future of digital media as the most effective method of reaching our next generation’s consumers. They include the most skilled and talented esports professionals and organizations that excel in their rapidly growing field.

Amanda Solomon

Amanda Solomon

VP of Sales & Talent








Clash With Shane

Clash With Shane

Aftershock Media Group exclusively represents some of the top gaming focused talent in the world, and has the ability to contact or access anyone on the internet inside of 24 hours. We manage dozens of creators exclusively, but have worked with, and have access to thousands of the most influential digital media stars in the world. Does your brand have a desire to work with someone in particular? Send us an inquiry to let us know who, and we can set it up!

If you are a creator yourself, and are looking for help securing brand deals, sponsorships, collaborative opportunities, connections to the biggest platforms in the world, and sifting through the endless amount of spam and time wasting emails in order to find the legitimate opportunities that are worth your time – hit us up – there’s no doubt we can help you simplify your life while helping you enhance your business’ effectiveness.​


Gaming Brands, Developers & Publishers.

Aftershock Media Group has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world on campaigns, events, and media strategy. We’d love to allow you to leverage our industry experience, and talent network to hit whatever goals you have set for your organization’s marketing efforts.

Whether it is creative assistance, product feedback, headhunting key talent, or making sure your campaign is a well oiled machine that delivers results, AMG will meet or exceed your expectations. Give us a shout and we can dive into a deeper, more tailored discussion!


What Talent Say.

"AMG has been amazing to work with! They take all of the hassle out of working with developers, so I can focus on making the best content!"


What Clients Say.

“Working with AMG makes any influencers marketing activation easy with their awesome communication, reliable talents, and all-around genuineness!”

- Shelene Celino, GG Content