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Influencer Marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach today's consumers. We've seen what works... and what doesn't. We encourage you to use our years of experience to your advantage!

With the world continuing its digital evolution, AMG's clients lean on our creative expertise to design and produce state-of-the-art digital events for games, marketing campaigns and esports.

Strong community relationships and loyal followers are the key to any game's long-term success. Our team offers tailored programs to coordinate and amplify your community and the key voices within it.

Work with the AMG team to build a successful game, community or content platform. We provide strategic advice based on our wealth of experience to the world's top companies in gaming & media.

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Aftershock Media Group’s executive team has spent more than 15 years growing a combined social media following of over 4 million, and in the process made loads of friends. These friends include some of the most influential and talented content creators in the world. They include publishers and developers of the world’s most fun and successful games. They include a ton of brand relationships with companies that see the inevitable future of digital media as the most effective method of reaching our next generation’s consumers. They include the most skilled and talented esports professionals and organizations that excel in their rapidly growing field.

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